RCCI Takes Goshen Family On Excursion

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As part of our Christmas celebration, we went on excursion to the National Museum and Shoprite, Ikeja, courtesy of Raising Champion Children International (RCCI), a UK-based NGO headed by Mrs. Bose Agbesanwa. Our Executive Director, Mrs. Aramide Oikelome met her 

through Mummy Morenike Omaiboje, on e of our Board of Trustees when she came to launch the Nigeria chapter of RCCI and invited her to be the MC at the event and also publish her story in some newspapers here. With time she got to know about Goshen Home & Orphanage and in September she indicated interest to sponsor an excursion


 exercise to mark this year’s Christmas. And with her friend, Mummy Morenike Omaiboje and her volunteer staff- Atinuke they planned the event and took us out on Monday 16th December. It was an exciting and fun-filled event. We also had some of our staff and volunteers and their children join us for the excursion. 

Recounting their experiences with the Matron later, the children said “At the National Museum we interesting and valuable things such as painting of different colors, tribes and culture and also sculptures and historical objects. At the gallery, we also saw the car in which one of Nigeria past president: General  Muritala Muhammed was shot dead with bullet holes all over the body of the car. We were told the story behind this incident and that the man that orchestrated the evil plan together with others were later caught and executed for their evil deeds.”


We learnt that doing evil or partnering with evil people is quite bad and does not pay. From the Museum, we proceeded to ShopRite, where we saw many people and even white-skinned from various places coming to shop at ShopRite. We saw different departments of various Wares, Foodstuff, Provisions, Furniture and Santa Claus.”

The children also loved the gifts they were given and wish that this event should not end. They arrived back to the Orphanage with great joy and excitement because of the enjoyable outing. They look forward to more of this in the nearest future. They came in and prayed for the organizer of this wonderful and memorable excursion that God will bless them more and more in Jesus name. 



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