Welcome to Goshen Home & Orphanage

Goshen Home & Orphanage was established to give vulnerable children (orphans, motherless and abandoned children) the opportunity for a stable, qualitative and beautiful life. We provide shelter, psycho-social, nutritional and educational support and therapy. Our goal is to protect and defend the rights of each child against all forms of abuse, thereby making our community safer and more loving.

Our vision at Goshen Home is to be a choice orphanage in Nigeria and beyond, where every battered, rejected and hopeless child receives all-round healing and transformation; where vulnerable children are showed with love and inspired to maximize their potentials. Our goal is to usher many sons/daughters into their glorious destiny.

At Goshen Home we believe that irrespective of the circumstances surrounding a child’s birth, no child is an accident; no child is inferior to another; and no child should be rejected or treated like an outcast. We believe that the greatest need of vulnerable children is not sympathy but empathy, love, acceptance and integration into the society.  

The orphanage was formally commissioned on the 4th of March 2017. We are duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission under its umbrella body- Bestspring Foundation and also with the Ogun State Government under the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development.


At Goshen Home, we believe that every child is a gift from God; a gift to be cherished and nourished with the best of available resources. We believe in the holistic development of each time; we believe that every child has a right to life, to love, to happiness and to success.
We believe that irrespective of the circumstances around a child’s birth and upbringing, no child is an accident and no child is inferior.
We therefore provide them with the best of care; using all that is within our power. Our vision is to raise a generation of peculiar, gifted, wholesome and affable children that will be Stars in their chosen field of endeavour; children that will do our nation proud wherever they go; children that will be great leaders and change-makers in the near future.
To achieve these, we have put in place the following projects:


Partner with Us

We are devoted at Goshen Home to our passion to see every child gets the best NURTURE: love, care, formal education, skills acquisition, etc. We are able to do these with supports of Partners. We can sustain this project and achieve much more through the supports of more Partners.

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Our Journey

Goshen Home & Orphanage is a sister-arm of Bestspring Children & Youth Development Foundation. The divine directive for the orphanage came on June 7th 2014 while I was at a Women Conference in my church. We were having a fasting and praying session and as I knelt in prayer, I heard the Lord say to me, “Daughter! I want you to set an orphanage. It is going to be a choice home where destiny children will be nurtured. I will cause it to flourish like the palm tree and it shall be a fountain from where many lives will be nourished. Let it be situated within Akute-Olambe area. I will cause many to adopt the home and sow into it.Read More...