Our Projects

At Goshen Home, we believe that every child is a gift from God; a gift to be cherished and nourished with the best of available resources. We believe in the holistic development of each time; we believe that every child has a right to life, to love, to happiness and to success.

We believe that irrespective of the circumstances around a child’s birth and upbringing, no child is an accident and no child is inferior.

We therefore provide them with the best of care; using all that is within our power. Our vision is to raise a generation of peculiar, gifted, wholesome and affable children that will be Stars in their chosen field of endeavour; children that will do our nation proud wherever they go; children that will be great leaders and change-makers in the near future.

To achieve these, we have put in place the following projects-

  • Educate a Child Initiative (EACI)

There is a popular parlance that “Education is the best legacy” you can give a child. This is why we invest heavily in the education of our wards. The essence of this initiative is to partner with individuals, families and organizations at home and abroad (secular or religious) towards the education of the vulnerable children under our care.

This is how it works- A family, company or religious organization can adopt a child to sponsor his/her education, either from primary through to secondary school or even go further to tertiary level. This means that you will be responsible for the school fees and other school materials needed by the child. The amount to be paid will vary from one child to another, depending on the bill from each school.

What this means is that the family or institution adopts a child as one of their own. The child relates with them as Foster parents. They are come to visit him/her at the orphanage and share special moments together as occasion demands.

                                                                                 Visit to School to Pay Fees



  • Kids Got Skills Initiative (KGSI)

Here we require veterans in Music, Arts & Craft to devote some time to train/mentor our children in various life skills. The essence is to help horn and harness the innate talents/skills in the children as well as empower them with necessary tools with a view to promoting balanced growth and preparing them to succeed in the future.

This training will cover areas of singing, playing of musical instruments, beads-making, cake-baking, knitting, painting, arts/drawing and other life-skills/vocations.

For those Music Stars and Life-skill Coaches that are passionate about giving back to society, here is a great opportunity to train vulnerable children and mentor them to become stars. All that is required is to devote some time within a specific period e.g. 3months, 6months etc. for training.


  • Joy to the World Musical Concert (JWMC)

Every December, we celebrate the End-of-the Year with a musical concert/party. The program brings together children from different orphanages and creates a platform for each group to make a presentation, either in song, drama or chorography. The event is usually spiced with lots of eating, drinking, dancing and merriment.

Usually held outside the confines of the orphanage home, we believe this is one way to help the children interact with the larger society and be showered with love. We believe that beyond visiting orphanages and donating food, drinks and clothes, vulnerable children should not be treated as outcasts or constricted to the shelter homes. Rather, they should experience love, acceptance and integration; hence the need to bring them out of the shelter homes into the warm embrace of family and friends.

As part of the celebration, each child goes home with a box of assorted gifts (snacks, candies, drinks, stationary, toys etc.) usually donated by Food & Beverage companies, Stationary Stores and other children-friendly individuals or groups.

Some orphanages also cart away with giant gifts, such as Television set, DVD player, Refrigerator, Fan etc. for the home, depending on how well they perform during the musical/drama presentation.

Joy to the World Musical Concert is our own way of wrapping up activities for the year with joy and thanksgiving and also rewarding all those that have supported us in the cause of the year. It is the pot-pourri where all our agencies and sister-organizations meet together to wine and dine; where our board members, staff, volunteers, children and sponsors meet as we merry and appreciate one another.

There is no way we can do these alone. We need partners, sponsors, donors, trainers, mentors and supporters from home and abroad. We need help at all levels- individual or corporate. Please join us to make these projects achievable. Mercy to the poor is loan to God; and He pays back in full.