Gethsemane Prayer Group Extends Love & Prayers To Us

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On the 9th of May, 2020, Gethsemane Prayer Group of ST. ALPHONSUS CATHOLIC CHURCH visited our orphanage to share the love of God with us in commemoration of the anniversary year of the group.

The five brethren that represented the Prayer Group also came with gifts and blessings which brought great joy to the children, especially at this time of COVID-19 lockdown when there is scarcity and lack all around. They came with two cars loaded with their love offering for the orphanage. it was indeed a wonderful time.

The team leader prayed extensively for the children, our CEO and also for the caregivers. He also encouraged us all to put in our best knowing fully well that it is God that rewards His faithful and diligent servants.

Happy Anniversary Gethsemane Prayer Group. We appreciate your visit and prayers! We trust the Lord to reward you abundantly!


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