Back To School Bounties From Baltimore

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How do you explain it when a childhood friend you last saw over 25 years ago suddenly sends a message to you and says, “Hi friend! I hear you run an orphanage. We are planning an outreach in my church and would like to send some gifts to your children. Could you send me the number of children, their ages and sex so we can pack according to their size?”. She had called from Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Of course, this came as a huge surprise. We were in the middle of preparation for the new academic year and trust me; the children needed a lot of things- new uniforms, new school bags, new books, new shoes, new stationery, new food flask, new this and that. The list was long I must admit.

Time and again, they had reminded me of those things they needed and all I could say was- “Pray that God provides for us. He always answers our prayers; so let’s keep praying. He will surprise us with abundant provision.”

As a charity organization we depend on God’s providence for our everyday need. So we had no fixed person or people in mind that would help us. It was therefore a pleasant surprise when my friend sent her message; more so that this was coming from someone l had not seen or heard from in decades; someone who only heard about Goshen Home & Orphanage through another person and decided to tell her church in Baltimore about us. And the church trusted her judgment and choice, checked our website to read about us and agreed to send their bounties to us.

No doubt, this is the finger of God. This was an answer to prayer and it was even more. Our God truly does exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think. I had expected some clothes for the children but what came were school bags for each child, stuffed with so many goodies for school- clothes, socks, boxers, under wears, notebooks, pens and pencils, shoes and others I can’t remember now. And each bag had the name of the recipient tagged to it, based on the list l had sent few weeks back. There were even extras, which I gave to the children of our staff and volunteers.

The parcel was delivered intact by the clearing agent. I was overwhelmed when l saw it. And the children were much more overjoyed. They sang, they jumped and they prayed more fervently for my friend and the women in her church that came together to bless them in such a profound way. It was such a huge blessing that we had to hold a special Back-To-School ceremony and took lots of pictures and videos to send to our sponsors, even as we sent words of appreciation to them.

God truly works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform. This is one of such wonders and we are super grateful to Him. Truly Goshen Home & Orphanage is His! He is the Commissioner and Provider! To Him be all the Glory!!!


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