Easter Fiesta From Kimberly Foundation

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In the spirit of Easter, we enjoyed surplus love and support from Kimberly Foundation. Led by Mrs. Obaseki, an elder from RCCG, Love Pavilion, Akute, the group held a special party for us at Goshen Home & Orphanage. She came in the company of her board members and supporters at the NGO.
It was such a swell time. They cook variety of foods for us, brought assorted drinks, snacks and music band to entertain us.
Mrs. Obaseki also shared her vision with us; the noble vision to serve humanity. Although she has been through lots of storms and challenges, she chose to rise above them and turn her pain into pleasure.
Besides the wining and dining, Kimberly Foundation also gave us lots of foodstuff. They were very impressed with our work and setting, hence they promised to continue to support us.
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